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Luiza Lopez reviewed Aces Dealing School — 5 star

Chris is AMAZING!!!! I don't have enough good things to say about him and the class. He's so funny! He takes his time to answer all your questions and show you how to properly deal the games. He wants you to succeed and will do anything to get you ready for it. Everybody in the class also helps eachother and it's fun practicing with every one. I would definitely recommend this class to anybody wanting to get into to casino gaming industry, you won't regret it.

Bridget Barnes reviewed Aces Dealing School — 5 star

Aces Dealing School has the best card dealing education you can get! Enrolling in this school changed my life and gave me the opportunity to better my life. I was able to learn a brand new field and begin my career at a casino with no prior experience. Chris the instructor at Aces Dealing School gave me all the essential skills to be a card dealer as well as the encouragement and confidence to be able to get my job at Club One Casino. Thank You Chris Rolbiecki for teaching me everything I need to know and for all your support!

Thippy Vongmysay reviewed Aces Dealing School — 5 star

Aces Dealing School isn't just a class you take to get certified. You will be taught by the best instructor in the industry. Chris WILL teach you how to become a great dealer. I loved going to his class everyday because I actually learned so much each day and saw improvement. Which made me determined to finish as quickly as possible so I can start on my amazing career. I highly recommend enrolling into THIS school, not only because he made it absolutely fun and easy, but because it was hands down one of the BEST decisions of my life. You will make back the fee of this class faster than you know. It's simple, If you're ready for a change, pick up the phone and call him now! I promise, you will not regret it.

Attending Aces Dealing School has been one of the best decisions I have made. Paid for my class in my first week of work this is money very well spent. Thank you Chris for the encouragment and support you have given to me.



Casino Dealer


Going to Aces Dealing School gave me the chance I needed to make change in my life. Prior to becominga dealer I was in a job where I was not happy. Enrolling in Aces Dealing School allowed me to change that. Chris Rolbiecki was able to teach me the essential skills that I needed with in a timely manner and I was able to get a job right after graduation. I am so grateful for learning about this school and it was so close to home. Thank You Chris Rolbiecki for giving me the foundation that I needed to secure a position as adealer, now I go to work happy and fulfilled knowing I am able to support my family!



Casino Dealer

Va Thor reviewed Aces Dealing School — 

5 star

If your looking for the best? Then look no further, Aces dealing school is it! Chris will have you ready and prepared for your future in the casino industry. I have to say when I was hired after only 3 months of training at Aces dealing school, all my piers and management asked me how many years have I been dealing? I tell them this is my first time dealing at a casino, everyone was amazed. They all would say it looked as if I've been dealing for years and I would tell them it's all thanks to Chris from Aces dealing. So come on guys and gals, come join me at Aces dealing!

Cole Escovedo


You can just learn to deal cards, or you can learn to do it the right way and be profitable. 
Make your investment work for you on the first game you deal. 
Fun, easy & a super friendly atmosphere.

Amy Her


The best hands on experience ever! Chris is super friendly, professional, and knowledgeable about the gaming industry! His welcoming attitude makes learning in his classroom fun and easy. He supplies the students with plenty of gaming props but best of all, he supplies them with the best tools by sharing his skills and knowledge. He puts his best effort into making every student great, if they are up for the challenge, and work with them to be confident and ready for the job. 
I definitely recommend his classes for anyone wanting to get into the casino industry. It was a joy going to class everyday!
Thank you Chris for all that you've taught me and thank you for helping me with my experience at Club One Casino! I will forever be grateful! 
I definitely miss class and all the friends I made there!

Der Thao reviewed Aces Dealing School — 

5 star
July 25

Loved the class and Chris as well. I went in not knowing anything about the casino world, and he taught me so much. Its a great career especially if you're at a dead end job or just tired of living paycheck to paycheck. Great environment. You finish the class knowing you met awesome people and sort of just become one small family! You're always welcomed back even after finishing the class. Speaking of that, you learn at your own pace, he's not going to rush you to finish something you don't understand. Chris is just a really awesome instructor. I say it's worth your money and time if your serious about it! And hey I landed a job after 2-3 months of finishing the course.


Terry Dyer reviewed Aces Dealing School — 5 star

4 1/2 years ago I decided to make a career change. While browsing trade schools I came across aces dealing school and figured why not. After talking with Chris and visiting the school I knew that it was the place to go. In a few short months I had learned the skills and was ready to start the process of looking for a job. During this time Chris was especially helpful because he's not there just to teach you the skills: he wants you to succeed. He probably read 10 different versions of my resume before it was right. I couldn't have gotten where I am today if it wasn't for Chris and his patience. Now I can proudly say that I have been dealing for 4 years and can deal any game you put in front of me. And if I can't I know where I can learn it.


Stephen Chiaxang reviewed Aces Dealing School — 5 star

Going to class here has definitely changed my life financially. Well worth the pay to learn table games here. You'll definitely make your money back in less than a month, if not more. The instructor, Chris Rolbecki, is more than qualified as an instructor, being the fact that he has been in this business for 10 plus years. He's also a friendly and and funny guy. His class was too easy to learn to get a job in table games, lol. If it's something you want life changing for yourself, I recommend calling this guy and take his class.

Jonathan Nelson


What a great school and teacher! I highly recommend Aces Dealing School for anyone trying to better their life financially and/or trying a new career path. It is definitely worth the money. I loved the accommodating mentality that you can work at your own pace to pass the class. Granted like all the things the more time and effort you put in the sooner you can reap the rewards and satisfaction of feeling confident in dealing several table games. He was extremely helpful in providing many situations that you would encounter in real life dealing situations, so you are prepared to handle it when or if the time comes. I also really enjoyed the way everyone helped one another in working towards their end goal by sharing tips on techniques for dealing. I feel very fortunate that I was able to meet Chris and take this class. Just 4 months ago when I moved back to town I was in debt and things looked grim, but then I passed his class in 2 months. I was then hired at Club One Casino shortly after and it is not even my first paycheck yet, but I can comfortably determine that I will have made enough to pay for school and start looking for apartments. I'm still in debt, but I now have the tools to make that debt disappear. The future is bright again all due to the things I learned from Chris Rolbiecki's Aces Dealing School. 
Keep in mind to that prior to Chris's school I had never played most table games and only played blackjack a couple of dozen times in my life, but now I feel comfortable and knowledgeable on all the table games taught at his school. It goes without saying that attending this school was one of the best decisions I have made.


Edward Nghe reviewed Aces Dealing School — 5 star
May 11

Enjoyed the Great Experience!! This is the Dealing School you want!
Aces Dealing School is one of a kind and was the school that was recommended to me from people I know in the industry. The school is welcoming with a go at your own pace mentality and provides the proper environment and tools to learn the art. I started off rough around the edges but after finishing in two months I'm finding myself helping others. I only got this far because of our teacher who I admire.



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